This is the page where I get to show off other people's work.  I'll stick mainly to models of the Bismarck, but I'm more than happy to publish other models.  Please send any pictures to

Howard's model at week 77

David Hall's Bismarck

David has reduced the thickness of the plank to fit the bulkhead/rib

Robert (REM2007)'s Bismarck

Matthew's Bismarck

Russel's model

Gerry's Bismarck

Harry's Building stand

Dave's Bismarck.  Dave has decided to 'plank' his hull using matchsticks.

Dave's matchstick Stephenson's Rocket

John's rather splendid Danmark, made from a Billings kit.

Markus' Bismarck

Glen (aka Northman)'s model

Steve (aka Spiderman) is coming along nicely with his Bismarck.

Alan V's Bismarck

Andy's Bismarck.  Looks like a very nice job.

Rushzombie's Bismarck




Richard's Bismarck


at week 18

"Napolean's" Bismarck

Chuck's 1/350 scale Bismarck

Tirpitz's 1/100 scale card version - showing the cut-out below turret Anton

Don's model of BP's tanker, British Chancellor

Mick's Bismarck