Bismarck Model Links

A builder is building a 1/100 scale Bismarck, out of card !!  Have  alook at this thread on a German forum

A preview of what's to come.  Germany are ahead of us, and this is the parts that they have received.

Martin has a build thread going on the Model Boat Mayhem Forum.

South African model shop that is also Building the Bismarck

Ukraine kit manufacturer of the Bismarck and other war ships

German Builder's sites

Various Bismarck sites in German.  Many of these sites include a forum.

This site is updated regularly and highly recommended

German Forums

A site with a German forum.  This is run by Dirk, who is a regular contributor to my forum.

A build thread on a German model forum.

Bismarck Links

A forum for discussing the real Bismarck

Lots of photographic reference on this web site

Other Useful Sites

Google Translation tools - Great for translating German sites !!!!


Model Supplies.  They sell kits, materials and tools.

My Titanic web site.

My Fokker Dr1 web site.

My build of a steam loco.

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