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Announcement about new part work series from Hachette and a new web site from me.


"Open Fire" is now available as a print - see the special offer below

"Open Fire" by Philip Trappett

This is an original oil painting depicting the Bismarck as she unleashes the fatal salvo on HMS Hood

News & Special Offer !!

Open Fire is now available as a limited edition print. They are varnished limited editions of strictly 200 only and are hand signed by Philip. Each measures 58cms X 33cms (unframed) and is on stretched canvas, which is as near as dammit to the original. They retail at a local gallery in Barford for £250.00 each. However, Philip is happy to offer them to members of the site for £130, or £99 unstretched.

Please contact Philip directly on 01926 419599 or by Email to philt_24 (at) hotmail (dot) co (dot) uk to place an order and arrange payment by cheque or postal order.

Build The Bismarck is a magazine published by Hachette Partworks.  It's a weekly magazine, with the main aim being to complete a 1/200 scale model of the Bismarck, which will take 140 issues.  I would suggest that first time visitors read the 'Magazine' Page, then have a look at the model pages. 

The magazine is published every Wednesday in the UK.

The model can be build with as a static display model or as a radio controlled model.  I intend to do the latter, and hope to add a few extras, such as rotation gun turrets, etc.

Please note that this site has no connection with Hachette Publications.

If anybody has any suggestions, please drop me an Email.  If anybody has any photos that they would like me to consider publishing on this site I would like to hear from them.  Pictures of Models are particularly welcome.

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Please note that this site has no connection with Hachette publications.

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