Week 75  This week we get more brass bulkheads

The bits we received

And what we did with them

The main brass bulkhead was rolled first, as can be seen here.

When the last bend was made you can see that it fell a bit short of the mark.  I have a cunning plan to overcome this.

Shave off the inside of the plastic bulkhead with a craft knife.  You can see the marks where I shaved it.  I used a scalpel with a No 10 (curved) blade which made the job very easy.  One of those times where a new blade is worth using.

And the result is a perfect fit.  The part with then glued in place with 24 hour Araldite.

The straight bulkhead is plain sailing.  I glued the vent covers, etc., on first, then glued it in place.  

(sorry about the photo, I'll take a better one soon)

This just leaves part 633, which I'll fit later to save bending it.

Things not yet done

Week 9 : Fit rudder servo tray
Week 18 : Fit the fore deck
Weeks 37 & 38 : Fit the bilge keels
Week 42 : Plank the porthole areas
Week 43 : Fit the resin bow piece
Week 47 : Fit sea chest grills
Week 54 : Drill the portholes
Week 65 : Done
Week 67 : Fit Anti aircraft bridge
Week 71 : Modify wind speed and direction indicators
Week 72 : Fit remaining bulkhead : Done
Week 73 : Fit part 573
Week 75 : Fit part 633

Hot tip of the week

Accurate assembly makes for a better model.

How many hours does it take to build the model ??

This week :

5 hrs

Running total :


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