Week 71  This week we get the final parts to the mast.

The bits we received

And what we did with them

Start with an easy part.  The vent grills were glued to the bulkheads.  This was especially easy as those bulkheads were not fitted yet.

I marked the spars by first holding them against a 1mm plank and drawing a straight line.  Then mark the positions of the holes using the etched parts as a guide. I left the spars a little too long, so I could cut them to size after shaping.  Drill the holes with a 0.6mm drill, which seemed just about perfect.  The brass bits were a bit tight in a 0.5mm hole.

Sand the spars to shape.  Be careful as they are very fragile with the holes drilled.

These bits were straight forward, just be careful to line them up properly and get them the right way round.

The holes in the frame work needed clearing out with a 0.6mm drill so the smaller brass bit (no idea of the names of the parts here !) would go in properly.  Make sure you insert the smaller brass part from the correct side.  The observant may notice mine is in the wrong side, so I had to remove and re-fit it !!

Clear out the hole before bending them round to take the spar.  Mine needed a gentle file with a diamond file to get the spar to go through easily.

And finally fit the brass rail to the spar.  Again, be careful to get it the right way round.

Here are the smaller spars fitted.  The eyelets needed opening up to let the spars pass through.  The rest is as per instructions.

The rudder angle indicators were a right pain to fit.  They kept dropping through the slot.  I don't know why they didn't half etch the slot so they would sit in neatly.

The brass ring, and support brackets went on OK.  The brass ring needed heating to cherry red, then cooling to make it soft and easier to stretch so it fitted round the copper tube. 

I replaced the two brass etchings 537 with some brass wire as I think it looked better. 

I still have the wind speed and direction indicators to fit.  I shall modify these as the flat brass bases look wrong.

Things not yet done

Fitting the fore deck
Stern deck part 63 not fitted. : Done
Fixing deck
Fit resin stern part 70 : Done
Fit the bilge keels
Fit sea chest grills
Fit the resin bow piece
Week 54
Fill the nail heads on barbette Caesar : Done
Week 60 : Done
Fit bulkheads in week 61
Fit the bulkhead in week 62 : Done
Fit handrails to platforms in week 64 : Done
Week 64.  Glue platform in place
Week 65
Week 66 : Done
Anti aircraft bridge in week 67
Week 68
Modify wind speed and direction indicators in week 71

Hot tip of the week

Eyelets are normally quite hard and may be difficult to bend.  You can make them soft and much easier to bend by holding them in a gas flame until they glow red, then quench them under cold water.  The same will work on the brass etchings, but beware, they become very soft and easy to bend.  You often end up bending them where you don't want them to bend.  It is a useful way of recovering a part if you bend it the wrong way by mistake.  Heat it to red and quench, and it will become soft and will (probably !) bend again without breaking.  Be careful not to burn your fingers, or workbench, kitchen table, or anything else for that matter !!

How many hours does it take to build the model ??

This week :

4 hrs

Running total :


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