Week 69  This week we get the first part of the mast

The bits we received

And what we did with them

Preparing the masts is the first job.  The copper section is easy enough, I just attacked it with a file until it looked like the picture.  

The wooden part warrants a bit more explanation.  Firstly, the instructions are not quite correct.  Don't taper the mast evenly all the way down.  If you do it will be loose in the copper tube.  Taper it from about 40mm from the narrow end, leaving the last 25mm a full 3mm diameter so that it still fits snugly in the copper tube.  Confession time, I found this out the hard way and had to make another mast from some 3mm dowel that I had laying around (luckily !!)

Here is how I tapered the mast.  Simply rub it with sandpaper while turning it slowly in your hand.  Sand evenly, going up and down the section to be tapered, obviously sanding more of the tip and little off the base.  Keep turning the mast and you should end up with a nice even taper and the mast should stay round.  It's easier to do this if you taper the mast before cutting it to length.  Use the two brass etched parts 509 & 510 to check your progress. 

This part is nice and easy.  Fold up the sides first, then the front and back.  I find it holds together better if I fold the parts a bit past 90 degrees and then easy them back to the perfect position.

This part, on the other hand was very difficult.  The little brackets are the carpet monster's favourite food.  I left the platform on the fret, glued the little brackets in place, hold them with needle nosed tweezers, and cut it free after the glue has gone off for a couple of hours.

These two parts were easy enough, and glued in place with super glue.  Take your time to line them up against each other.

Finally, the rudder angle indicator and small platform were glued to the mast.  Rough the copper with fine sand paper to give the glue something to key to.  You need to line these up with the cut-out at the top of the mast section.  Put a small pencil mark on the top of the mast at the front.  It's easy to gauge the position by eye.  Now lay the mast on your work surface against a 1mm thick plank.  Line the pencil mark up with the edge of the plank and then draw along it.  This will give you a nice straight guide line.  You can just see the line on the mast in the photo below.  The two parts are glued with super glue.  Make sure they are straight, which I did by eye.

Things not yet done

Fitting the fore deck
Stern deck part 63 not fitted.
Fixing deck
Fit resin stern part 70
Fit the bilge keels
Fit sea chest grills
Fit the resin bow piece
Week 54
Fill the nail heads on barbette Caesar
Week 60
Fit bulkheads in week 61
Fit the bulkhead in week 62
Week 65
Week 66
Anti aircraft bridge in week 67
Week 68

Hot tip of the week

How to cut a tube end and keep it square.  Take a piece of paper with a straight edge and wrap this tightly round the tube so that the edges overlap perfectly.  Tape it in position, and use the end of the paper as a cutting guide. 

How many hours does it take to build the model ??

This week :

3 hrs

Running total :


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