Week 60  This week we get the first piece of decking

The bits we received


And what we did with them

The first job is to sand the deck to the right size.  This is easiest done by clamping with large clothes pegs as below, and then sanding back the unpegged part.  Then move one peg at a time and sand a fresh bit.  That way you can sand the whole part without much risk of it moving.

Next job is to glue the large sides in place.  I used Araldite Precision, and held the parts with the clamps as shown below.  Check the parts after the glue has had about 6 hours to set, while is it still rubbery and the excess glue can be cut off with a knife easily.  I didn't paint the inside of the portholes black as they will get sprayed with primer anyway, and it is an easy job to touch them in with black paint afterwards.

Here are the remaining parts all glued in place.  With hind site, not drilling out the port holes had a draw-back.  There was a tendency for glue to ooze out through them, and it wasn't that easy to clean off.  I'll revert to drilling the holes for the rest of the model !!

This completes issue 60

Things not yet done

Fitting the fore deck
Stern deck part 63 not fitted.
Fixing deck
Fitting resin stern part 70
Fit the bilge keels
Fit sea chest grills
Fit the resin bow piece
Add hanger side doors
Week 54
Fill the nail heads on barbette Caesar
Fit hanger door

Hot tip of the week

Sand the back of the brass etchings with medium sandpaper to give a stronger bond to the wood.

How many hours does it take to build the model ??

This week :

8 hrs

Running total :


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