Week 49  This week we get the first brass bulkheads (the first of many)

The bits we received

And what we did with them

The first job is to drill the portholes out.  Since I'm going to sail the model I've only recessed them as show, with a 3mm drill bit.  I used a pin vice to hold the drill bits, starting with a 1mm bit, then 2.5mm, and finally 3mm to give a reasonably neat job.  I'll fill these with black paint later.

The next job it to drill out the port hole in the main brass bulkhead where the door goes.  This was done with a 1.5mm drill held in a pin vice.  There is absolutely no need for power tools here ;o)

Here are the tools I use to glue the small brass parts in place.  The blue tack on the end of a cocktail stick to hold the tine brass parts, and a pin to apply the super glue.  Don't be tempted to dip the bit of brass in the pool of super glue; you'll end up with far too much glue on it.  For these small parts, you only need the smallest amount of glue.

I rubbed the back of the small brass parts with fine wet n dry before removing them from the fret.  This gives a rough surface that makes the glue stick much better.  Remove the brass parts one at a time, only as they are needed.  Cut them free using a sharp craft knife, and press on a hard surface to avoid them bending.  Apply a tiny bit of super glue to the back of the part, and hold it in place for a few seconds.  If any glue oozes out from behind the part, you're using too much.  Here are the port hole covers and grills in place.

The wind shields need a slightly different technique.  Bend them very carefully and try them in place.  Place a sheet of plastic on your work board to stop anything sticking to it.  Put some superglue on the edge of the wind shield and hold it in place with tweezers for a few seconds while the glue sets.

Here is the completed part.  I've left the main part in the fret to protect it.  Those hand rails look very delicate !!

The discolouration on the right hand side is from an abortive attempt at soldering the parts on.  Kilroy thinks that the rest of it is OK.

Things not yet done

Fitting the fore deck
Stern deck part 63 not fitted.
Fixing deck
Fitting resin stern part 70
Fitting resin propshaft part D
Fit the bilge keels
Fit sea chest grills
Fit the resin bow piece
Glue the hanger sides on

Hot tip of the week

The brass parts will only bend once, so don't bend them in the wrong direction.  They will almost certainly break when you try to bend them back.

How many hours does it take to build the model ??

This week :

2 hrs

Running total :


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