Week 29  This week we get the forst bit of the forward superstructure

The bits we received

And what we did with them

This is the forward superstructure that goes just behind turret Bruno (I think) and goes back as far as the middle of the ship.

The first two bits are straight forward.  As ever, keep them straight and square.

I decided to finish off the two sub assemblies before joining them.  Here is the forward section. (sorry the pic is out of focus)

And here is the aft section.

The next job was to give the deck a good sand down.  It was still in the raw, freshly planked state, but about 30 mins with some 80 grit emery cloth superglued to my sanding block soon had it flat and as smooth as a baby's bottom.  Then mark a centre line along the entire deck.  It's always worth marking a centre line, and this means it's easy to get everything straight and true.  The pencil line going across the deck is the line 30cm from the bow as mentioned in the mag.

Next I taped the pieces of superstructure in place, along with a piece of paper in the right position to stop the bits getting glued to the deck.  I also drew the centre line over the paper so it was easier to make sure everything was true.

The last step is simply to glue the doubles in place and hold them with a clamp.  Make sure everything is still straight and true before the glue sets.

Things not yet done

Stern planking
Fitting the fore deck
Stern deck part 63 not fitted.
Resin bow piece 67 not fitted
Week 23
Week 27

Hot tip of the week

Take your time to get a centre line accurate.  It's always easier to measure out from a single centre line than it is to try and measure in from the edge of the deck.

How many hours does it take to build the model ??

This week :

3 hrs

Running total :

101 hrs

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