Week 22  This week we get some upper hull planking and resin anchor pockets (hawse pipes, if they had holes in them !!)

The bits we received

And what we did with them

This week we do the final bit of planking at the top, both at the bow and stern.  No need to worry about planking evenly now.  The hull is rigid enough to hold it's shape.  This bit of planking is a fiddly job.  I held them in place with a variety of pegs, clamps, pins, etc.  It sometimes helped to put a packing piece under the peg to help it hold the plank better.  That's what the odd bit of plank sticking out the front in the next picture is.

The planks all need a sharp bend in them in two places.  I simply marked the position on the bend, which is just at the front of the forward bulkhead, and just at the aft of the aft bulkhead.  Then bent them with a thumb nail so you get a bit of a kink.  The wood may crack, but that's fine, just as long as it doesn't break completely.  The photo 4 pics down with the red arrows shows the exact position of the bends.

Here is the stern receiving the same treatment.

I found that the top plank was just a little too narrow.  A cock-up on my part, the main planks are actually too low at the bow. (or I could blame the instructions for not being very clear, but I should know better !!)  Anyway, easy to solve.  I used a spare 1.5 x 6mm plank from the main part of the hull.  All I need to do then is sand the excess height down flush to the top of the frames.

Here is the bow area sanding flush.  The sharp edge looks quite vulnerable to getting chipped, so I've run a bead of super glue along the top.  This soaks into the wood and makes it a big harder.

Here is the stern area sanded flush.

Looking ahead, we can expect some ply parts that need to be chamfered to a think edge, which blends the second planking on the hull to the citadel planking, which is the recessed planking at the top of the hull.  This sounds like a silly idea to me, so I have a plan to cut away the planks that are at the angle, so to speak, and replace them with a piece of ply once we get the second planking, sometime in the future.  It's the planking between the two arrows that may get cut out.  I haven't decided for sure yet - I want to get the pieces in my hands first.

I'm not going to fit the square blocks as I haven't decided how to attach the decks yet.  I shall probably use magnets in the same way Don has.  See the thread on the forum about Magnetic Fastenings.

The resin piece can wait until after I've sanded down the hull.

The first thing I noticed is that my resin piece is too wide, by about 4mm.  Talking to other builders, it seems to be a bit variable.  Some peoples are OK, some are too wide.  Anyway, it's not difficult to fix.

Firstly, I cut about 4mm out of the centre.  I didn't measure anything, just cut out what looked about right.  No need to tidy up the cut edges as they won't be seen.

Then I simply glued the two parts in place with slow setting Araldite.  It was quite easy to line the two parts up individually.

Here is a front view.

Things not yet done

Stern planking
Fitting the fore deck
Stern deck part 63 not fitted.
Resin bow piece 67 not fitted

Hot tip of the week

Wood it a great material.  Easy to rectify defects.  If there is a gap where there shouldn't be just fill it.  If there's wood where there shouldn't be, just cut or sand it away.  (If only it was that simple in reality !!)

How many hours does it take to build the model ??

This week :

5 hrs

Running total :

84 hrs

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