Week 17 This week second set of decking

The bits we received

And what we did with them

Fitting this deck is quite straightforward.  The planks down the centre were all carefully aligned using the same method as mentioned in the decking page.  I.e.  Mark a centre line on the plank, and mark the centres on the frames.  Then simply line them up and clamp while the glue dries.

The rest of the planks were glued in place, and held with a variety of improvised modelling clamps.  These are actually various sizes of clothes pegs available in Korea.  Don't ask me why anybody would want 4 different sizes of clothes pegs, but they do make very useful modelling clamps.

The side pieces are glued in place.  The excess length of planks got cut off with a razor saw.  That is a very fine saw that give a neat cut.  Easily obtainable from craft & model shops.

Unfortunately they seem to be ever so slightly short.  I've lined them up flush with the front, and will sort out any gaps later.  It's much easier to fill a gap between two pieces of wood than it is to fix mis-alignment at the front of the deck.

Things left to do

Stern planking

Hot tip of the week

Can't get your deck planks to but up tightly against each other ?  It's probably due to a little dried glue oozed out from the adjacent plank.  Simply chamfer the bottom corner of the plank you're applying, and it should fit much better.  The drawing below shows what I mean more clearly, although the chamfer is exaggerated for clarity.  It should be smaller in practice.

How many hours does it take to build the model ??

This week :

4 hrs

Running total :

70 hrs

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