Week 16  This week 6th batch of hull planking and the 1st batch of deck planks

The bits we received

And what we did with them

An easy bit to start with.  Here are the small planks on the stern.  I couldn't see any reason for running planks over the space where the resin part will go, so I did the little short bits first.

The bow is a little problematical, as the radius is very tight compared to the width of the planks.  I can see two solutions to this.  One being to cut your planks in half so they are narrower and will go round the tight radius better.  That seemed like hard work to me, so I went for plan B.  I cut flats on the frames so the planks sat on them properly.  I can sand it to the proper rounded shape after the planking is finished.

Here is the finished bottom.  Note the pin holes where I switched from clamps to pins for the flat bottom section.

Finally, here is the finished bow section waiting to be sanded.  I have re-drawn the lines marking the frames in black marker.  This is because the ink will soak into the wood a little and will still show a little after I've sanded.

The next task is to sand down the hull

Things left to do

Deck framework
Stern planking

Hot tip of the week

Here's one I wish I'd have thought of 16 weeks ago.  Decant your glue into a small glass jar.  This makes it easier to see what you're doing when you dip your brush in.  You don't get glue half way up the handle, so you use less glue and make less mess.  I used a spice jar, which is a nice size.  It also means my glue smells rather pleasantly of Herbs d'Provence....

How many hours does it take to build the model ??

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