Week 15  This week the 5th batch of hull planks

The bits we received

And what we did with them

The nextplank on the stern is probably the first tricky plank to fit.  It needs careful trimming, and then I steamed it to bend the end which seemed to be twisted quite strongly.  I sanded the transom (flat part at the rear of the hull) smooth first which made it easier to fit the plank.  Here is a photo of the rear end of the plank after trimming and steaming.

Here is the plank laid in place.  Note how well it follows the curve of the hull.  It isn't glued in place yet.  You can also see the ends of the planks sanded smooth on the transom.

Here is the stern planking completed for this week

I'm going to stray from the instructions on the bow.  As I've said before, this could all go horribly wrong, so copy me at your own risk.  I found that the planks wanted to spread and leave gaps, so I decided to let them spread and fit some stealers.  .  Stealers are triangular shaped planks that fill intentional gaps.  Here you can see the plank fitted and the gap it left.  The rear end of the gap is exactly one plank wide.  This wasn't entirely accidental.  The gap naturally fell to slightly over one plank wide, but I bent it down a tad to make life easy for myself.

Here is a close-up showing how I took a notch out of the plank at a frame.  This is done so that the stealer comes to a blunt end, not a sharp point, and also so that the tip of the stealer lands on a frame.

Cut and sand the stealer to fit.  I make them quite a tight fit so that they don't need too much pining.

Finally, here is a picture of the next plank fitted, with the stealer cut and ready to be glued in place.

Finally for week 15 I added some more planks to the forward and centre sections.  These are straight forward.  Since my planks are straight, I'm just going to continue planking from the sides towards the centre.  I alternate left and right on the forward section, which will give me a nice herring bone pattern. Shame it will be covered by the second layer planking.  Once again I'm deviating from the instructions.  If you follow my example, you do so at your own risk. 

Things left to do

Deck framework
Stern planking

Hot tip of the week

Test for (or dry fit) each piece and make sure it fits before you open the glue pot.  The smart modeller know exactly how a piece will fit, and doesn't have any nasty surprises or frustrations when he actually glues the part in place (well, not too often anyway ;o)

How many hours does it take to build the model ??

This week :

10 hrs

Running total :

54 hrs

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