Week 14  This week 4th batch of planks and the tail shaft moulding

The bits we received

And what we did with them

More planking.  I haven't done any more round the stern as I'm waiting for the R.C. gear from Hachette. (It might be a long wait !!)

Here is a photo of the centre and forward sections.  You will note that my planks along the bottom are straight rather than curved. This is the result of me tapering the planks as the went round the bend (so to speak ;o)

You can see I've switched from planking clamps to pins on the flat bottom.  Two reasons, the planks are very easy to fit, being straight and flat, and I'd used the clamps fitting planks to the bow and stern.

The resin part can wait till later. 

Continuing with the stern planking.

I've found out that the prop shafts supplied by Hachette have a 6mm diameter.  This is just the info I need to be able to continue the planking.  The half hole in the frame 39A is too small and needs to be sanded out to 6mm.  I did this by taking a piece of 5mm steel rod that I had kicking around (a piece of wooden dowel would work just as well) and wrapping a piece of emery cloth around it as shown in the photo below.  With the rod resting in the groove in the next frame, the half hole soon sanded out to approx 6mm, and at the right angle.  I then turned the hull over and repeated the process for the other two half holes in the frames.

I used a 6mm drill to check that the hole was correct.

It is an easy job to make the hole right before the hull is planked, but would have been very difficult to do afterwards.
Now the planking can continue.  

I tapered the planks above the cut out for the prop tube.  These are tapered from 6mm down to 4mm, all bar the last one.

Once the last full length plank was in place and the glue dried I sanded it flush with the bottom of the keel.

Then I glued a plank along the length of the keel, and finally filled in the two gaps with a couple of stealers.  Below is the result after a gentle sanding.  The two stealers are actually a bit tricky to cut to shape.

Things left to do

Deck framework
Stern planking

Hot tip of the week

A CD-R case top makes a great container for the off cuts from the planks, as you can see in the above photo next to the glue.

How many hours does it take to build the model ??

This week :

5 hrs

Running total :

44 hrs

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